UBCSCC – AutoX 101 and Welcome Back Sept 19/20

101 is a great way to get drivers into autocross. You get a full day of driving with an experienced driver giving you advice the whole day. Its not too late to sign up for the 101! Registration is open until Sept 18th at 10PM so sign up before the spots fill up

101 sign up here

The welcome back is a great event to invite new students out to race their cars as well as get in some more racing for everyone before the summer really wraps up. Sign up here for the welcome back!

UBCSCC Raydays #3 July 4th Crazy Comrade Challange

Find a friend (or mortal enemy, we don’t judge) on the registration list and challenge them!

Challenge a friend to a time attack shootout consisting of two events. The winner will win a UBC water bottle and bragging rights.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 12.32.29 PM

How to win:
– Pick a friend (or enemy)
– Both drivers must write down their competitors name in registration or contact UBCSCC Exec
– Decide if you want to race on PAX time or RAW time
– PAX or RAW time must be selected prior to the first event and may not be switched between events
– Both drivers must compete in both events
– The driver with the lower summed time in either RAW or PAX shall win

UBCSCC June 22nd Volunteers Needed

We would like to give you the opportunity to give back. We are in need of volunteers for our June 22nd Track day at Mission Raceway.

Volunteers will receive lunch, a small token of our appreciation and have the opportunity to hang out with a couple of us car folk. Please email me at Ryan AT ubcscc.com or PM me on the forum (grasshopper)

UBCSCC Slush#6 – Sunday March 8th – Sold Out

Registration for Slush 7, April 12th will be available on motorsportsreg.com on the morning of March 8th.

Slush 6 v1

I hope everyone enjoyed our last sunny “Slush Series” event. Remember, the faster we switch between our driving and work heat, the more runs everyone gets.

Please refer to the forum post for more information!
Sign-up via Motorsportsreg ASAP

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