Snowfall Warning for Slush 4

Hi everyone,

Over the past few days there has been significant snowfall forecasted for the Friday and Saturday leading up to our next Slush event, Sunday January 15th. While the forecast has changed today and now show snow on the Wednesday and Thursday instead, there is still a possibility that snow/ ice may still be accumulated on the pad for the event.

The safety of all participants is of the utmost importance to us. With the unpredictable weather conditions, it is not possible to determine whether or not the pad will be safe for autocross on all tires prior to the event. As a result, we will be making the judgment call the morning of the event (Sunday morning) on whether or not winter tires will be required. We will be running the event regardless, but with a few guidelines depending on the conditions. The options are listed below:

1. If the pad is clear and deemed safe (by the execs, morning of the event), you may run any tires you bring.

2. If the pad has a significant amount of ice/ snow and is deemed unsafe (by the execs, morning of the event), you must run snow/ winter tires. Studded tires are not allowed. In this situation, a vehicle may be co-driven in more than one heat. If you do not have snow/ winter tires, you will not be allowed to run and credit will not be issued.

3. If you wish to sit this event out, you will receive full credit back, which you can apply to a future event, if you cancel on MotorsportReg before the end of next Wednesday, January 11th.

We will be sending out an e-mail to participants on Saturday January 14th in the afternoon after course setup announcing whether the event will be an exhibition event or if it will count for Slush points. If the conditions are poor, we don’t want drivers pushing their cars to the limit to gain Slush points and risk the safety of the driver and other participants. If the event is run as an exhibition event, we will have an additional event added to the Slush Series, which is tentatively scheduled for Sunday March 19th.

Please don’t hesitate to contact myself or any of the other execs if you have any questions or concerns.

Welcome to West Coast Auto Group as our newest sponsor.

As many of you saw, West Coast Auto Group joined us at Slush #1. Their team brought out two brand new Mazda MX-5 NDs for us to enjoy and one lucky raffle winner to test drive.
It sounds like they had as much fun as we did and have offered to continue sponsorship!

West Coast Auto Group represents several brands including:
Ford, Lincoln, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, and a Detail Accessory Centre.
Over the course of Slush Series they will be bringing out different vehicles for us to see whenever they can manage it.

Even further, they have offered to extend employee pricing on factory parts for all brands they represent to our members!

If you are looking to purchase parts through this sponsorship please do not hesitate to contact us at
WCAG Compiled