Club Events

-Online registration (via MotorsportReg) is required to participate in our club’s racing events like AutoX and Track Days.

-Due to the booking structure announced by the pad’s management in March 2012, we are unable to announce the actual pad size until our event is open for sign-up.

Slush 1 – October 23rd
Slush 2 – November 20th
Slush 3 – December 4th
Snow Day – January 15th
Slush 4 – February 19th
Slush 5 – March 5th
Slush 6 – March 19th
Slush 7 – April 2nd
Slush Party – April 21st at Boston Pizza
Autocross 101 – April 29th
Autocross Welcome Back – April 30th
Autocross – May 14th
Mission Track Day – June 12th
Autocross – June 18th
Mission Track Day – July 12th (Now updated!)
Autocross – July 22nd
Autocross – August 12th
Team Enduro – August 27th
Mission Track Day – September 17th
Autocross 101 – September 23rd
Autocross Welcome Back – September 24th