TSD Rally

UBCSCC occasionally holds TSD Rallies from time to time, a tradition stemming back to the 1950’s. Our members often represent UBCSCC when they participate in TSD Rallies held by local clubs, such as West Coast Rally Association (WCRA) (WCRA membership required).

TSD = Time Speed Distance

A Time Speed Distance Rally can be summarized by the following:

-Competitors consist of teams of two; One driver and one navigator
-A routebook is given to each team with a prescribed route at designated speeds to follow
-Checkpoints (hidden and unknown to competitors) are placed along the route
-Objective is to cross each Checkpoint at exactly the right time by using the designated speeds and distance travelled
-Scoring is based on arriving early or late at each Checkpoint (1 point = 1 second). Accumulation of the least points wins
-Stages are held on public roads as well as private roads. Designated speeds do not exceed local speed limits